Man, this guy always gets away


Chaotic Evil male human
Cleric ???

A western man, dressed in the robes of his holy order. Reds, oranges, and yellows, outlined in white.


The party first encountered him as the mysterious necromancer animating skeletons that were attacking Kaishi. They thought he was working with the Iron Lord. It was pure coincidence he was doing it at the same time. Until he started working with the Iron Lord. Then he left. Then they ran into him again, and actually met him. He adventured with them, and then ran off with the lion’s share of the treasure right before the party stabbed him in the back (he’s got an 18 wisdom, do you really think he didn’t see that coming?).

He worships Adaar, the western mountain god of cleansing flames. He’s still out there somewhere, with a genie at his disposal.


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