Takahiro Morimoto

Not that bad a guy? Considering?


Lawful Evil? (yeah, probably) male elf
Ranger 5/Monk 1

A conventionally handsome eastern ranger, generally dressed in green ranger getup. Tall for an elf (just short of a human), and although he’s clearly well weathered he obviously takes time to keep himself presentable.


A ranger who makes his living hunting bounties on dangerous creatures near Maldan. The party met him some time back, and he introduced them to the wondrous world of dog-fighting. His dog fighting ring is frequented by pirates, yakuza, thugs, and other ne’er-do-wells. Before the party met him, he had just hunted down a dangerous dire wolf and had taken her two cubs to his ring. The party rescued the surviving one, and it travels with them to this day (it’s still young, only the size of a fully grown wolf).

Takahiro Morimoto

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