Tsukirane Sotohara

Half Mary Sue, Half Power-Hungry Bitch


Tsuki is a Jungle-Elf who has traveled far and wide and been marked by it. Her skin is a shade darker, and her hair lighter, than what would be expected of jungle elves due to a small amount of Drow Heritage (which has lead her to being referred to as a Sooty on many occasions). She tends to dress as formally as she can while still openly showing the many different tattoos that she’s gained over the course of her adventures.



Oh lordy, rereading this was a mistake. Oh well, might as well post it here anyway:

Tsukirane had a relatively normal childhood. She was a curious child who wanted to do everything and found it difficult to focus on any single task for a long period of time. The only time she would ever sit still for longer than a few minutes was while listening to stories and music, two of the things she loved more than anything else. From an early age she proved to be talented at nearly everything she put her mind to, and her parents regarded themselves fortunate to have such a gifted child.

Her family was good to her, helping her foster her many gifts and gradually teaching her to focus her efforts so that her desire to do everything at once wouldn’t result in her ultimately doing nothing. They put forth efforts to indulge her love of stories and music, trying to be aware of interesting visitors who passed through the jungle. These were few and far between, so they also went out of their way to provide her with books and even tutors to help her understand the tomes that were written in different tongues. Tsukirane quickly found her interest in stories and music applied to language as well. After several decades of living off of books and travelers, she finally decided she wanted to see more of the world for herself. Her family assured her that she would always have a place in their home, but were all in all not surprised when her story-loving spirit wanted to gather some from the outside world. She was an adult capable of taking care of herself, so with little fuss she took her favorite mandolin, lots of writing equipment, and the other things needed for a journey into the world.

Her initial journey was an exciting adventure into seeing what the world was like. She took her basic language skills and refined them across a number of tongues, met hundreds of people, heard thousands of stories, and slowly learned from a number of bards how to use her musical talent to produce magical effects. As with most things in her life, she found she had a certain aptitude for this and, after much practice and travelling with the occasional bard seeking stories and tips, she found she could tap into some inner magic, not requiring the use of her instrument.

This first journey spanned nearly two decades, and as she slowly discovered the magical potential within her she repeatedly heard similar words of advice. Many a bard suggested that she go back to her roots if she wanted to better develop her bardic casting. She eventually decided that she would turn back to her roots, but not to become a more capable spellcaster. She had grown up listening to the lore and teachings of the dragons from her family, but had treated it the same way that she had treated most stories: as something to be learned and remembered, but not necessarily applied. Having had a taste of magic, she decided to head home and try to develop this separate part of her being.

Her return was met with some small degree of celebration, but ultimately was a casual affair. Though she had been gone many years, she had occasionally paid a traveler headed through or near the jungle to take a letter to her family. Not all of them had arrived, but many were good to their word and delivered the letters or at the very least had found someone else to deliver them.

She found that tapping into this spiritual side of herself was not as easy as she had thought it would be. It took many years of focus and practice before she found the inner reserves of power that she had been looking for and was able to tap into them. Before she could become particularly talented in this area, however, she got distracted by something else (as seems to be her nature). As she became sensitive to the powers granted by her genetic heritage, she started to sense something else within her. It felt similar, but nothing she did seemed to allow her to do more than feel it within her. She finally tried to explain this to her mother, who related that it could be from the drow blood within her. Tsukirane had never known her mother’s father, but she had been told that her slightly darker features and slightly lighter hair were a result of this heritage. The difference was too subtle for most members of other races to notice, but she had faced on rare occasion prejudice from others of elven blood.

Excited by the thought that the blood that had on occasion inconvenienced her could also be the source of new and exciting abilities, she put her studies on hold and once more set off into the world. Tsukirane’s mother informed her that her grandfather had a skilled brother who, last she’d heard, still lived to the south and held their family in kind regard. With his name in hand she ventured south, exploring and living in many towns before finally finding her warlock great uncle.

Her meeting with him went well, and she spent a few years both learning to use the power and traveling the south with her great uncle. Her learning of the warlock arts went much quicker than her learning to use her inherited draconic abilities had, largely because she’d started to get used to the sensing the flow of energy within herself. She was even now consciously aware of how her bardic abilities work, instead of just being able to use them. She became able to synergize the forms of magic, giving herself unique abilities that neither those with her draconic abilities, warlocks, or bards could do individually. This magical synthesis intrigued her, and she decided to try to learn as many forms of magic as she could.

The two eventually parted ways when she decided she wanted to leave the south and explore the west, which she had visited during her earlier journeys but not long enough for her to feel she adequately understood western cultures. She spent the next twenty years traveling again, a portion of which she spent traveling with a quirky priestess who taught her the healing arts and divine magic. By the end of the twenty years she was beginning to be unsatisfied just learning stories, and had started to want to create some of her own. She spent another two decades traveling, but this time seldom staying in one place more than a while. As she traveled she looked for trouble, not a fight, but she quickly found that she had a knack for integrating herself into groups of revolutionaries and adventuring parties. She made many friends, and just as many enemies. And all throughout this time she continued to develop talents and study miscellaneous lore from the many people she encountered.

This brings us to current day, where Tsukirane Sotohara is 117 years old, most of which she has spent traveling the continent. Her most recent adventure was of a revolutionary nature, which was ultimately successful on the part of the revolutionaries, but thirsty for power and worried that she would become jealous of his newfound power and hope for some of her own, the group’s leader turned on her. He had always been a little jealous of how quickly she had incorporated herself into the group, so once they had prevailed he hired slavers to kidnap her. She was sold to pirates for the short term. While not combat-capable enough to free herself, she was able to frustrate enough of them that they decided to try to unload her for some quick gold. She was again sold to slavers, who turned her over quickly (not because of anything she did, they were just efficient at their trade).

She’s traded around a couple more times before being purchased by a servant of the Iron Lord, looking for some quick backup for a small rebellion that had started in his domain. Something about some rebels rising up and, though no serious threat, needing some extra healing so that they could train troops harder or something. She had helped the slavers use her magical healing as a selling point, seeing opportunity in either direction (she’d been in this situation before and had ideas of how to play it into a situation where she wouldn’t be abused or treated as a slave). She didn’t reveal any of her other abilities or skills to the slavers or the man who purchased her. On the ride she gathered as much information as she could about the situation, and factoring in biases and the fact that she had technically been purchased, decided to jump cart when she wasn’t being watched. She sought out the rebels, having been intrigued by how thoroughly the man had emphasized that the rebels were more of a nuisance than a threat….

Tsukirane Sotohara

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