Tag: Kaishi


  • Jou Xiodan

    One of the first volunteers for the party's militia, she lost her entire family to the Iron Lord. She served with distinction through their battles with him. Later, when the party saved Winter Solstice from the Green Shah, she took her leave of the …

  • Chai Ji Hu

    A militia member who caught the party's attention when he single handedly killed one of the Iron Lord's ninjas, he rose through the ranks and is now one of their most trusted operatives.

  • Ying Xiosheng

    One of Kujata's captains, and best friend of Un Qungshan. His squad faced down the Iron Lord during the final battle of Kaishi, and he was the only survivor. Renowned for his excellent combat abilities, especially in conjunction with Un.

  • Un Qingshan

    When fighting in consort with his best friend Ying Xiaosheng, they were a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, he was slain by the Iron Lord during the final battle for Kaishi, along with most of the rest of his squad.