The Party Goes Even Further North

Leaving Tsuki on the Imperial ship to further study the navigation device, and Feng with her for protection, Brekka, Lyn, Shunten, Yo-Ki, and Kundeal (and Balti!) follow tracks and Brekka's sense further north. After some travel and thwarting of a hungry orca, the party finds a small island. On investigating they are set upon by the Imperial priest, his zombified servants, and small host of summoned monsters from beyond.

The island is revealed to be a dragon turtle, infected by a disease similar to that the party found in the mountains. Kundeal returns to his home to consult with his elders, and the party accompanies him. Kundeal's cousin, Mor, tanist of the Stillwater clan introduces them to the elders.

After brewing a cup of coffee for the eldest elder, who hadn't had any in three hundred years, Brekka earns their gratitude and discovers the secret to a perfect cup of coffee (49 on the check). Kundeal posits that they don't have the power to heal the dragon turtle, and they may have to turn to "her".

Upon prying, "her" is revealed to be an Oni Baba of incredible power, Baba Yaga.


Gordo_Cortex Gordo_Cortex

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